Texas-Made Dutch Treats!

Photos by permission of Stroop Club/Jesse Torres

Coffee gets lonesome without its best friend, the stroopwafel. We were delighted to recently discover that the only US-based Dutch-maker of this iconic Dutch cookie is right here in Austin, and is known by the sassy name, Stroop Club.

Winners of an immigration lottery, Chantal Piet and Tako Vermeulen came to Austin from Rotterdam in 2015 with 3 suitcases, two of which contained half of a stroopwafel iron in each. At an Airbnb in Austin, they started testing out their recipes, and then moved to a borrowed kitchen within Skull & Cakebones Bakery in Dripping Springs to start making their commercial version. Two years later, their sweets are sold through more than 40 business partners in the Austin area (from Dripping Springs to Georgetown), and they are a weekly presence at the markets in Mueller and Lakeline.

Let’s back up for one moment to answer a question some may have: What exactly is a stroopwafel? First of all it’s pronounced strope-waffle, not stroop-wafle. Picture two thin waffle cookie layers with a liquidy caramel slathered between them. Set the cookie atop your hot coffee or tea (it’s just the right size for most cups), and as the steam cuddles the cookie, the cookie will warm up and soften. And then it’s time to eat this sugary goodness. Since it’s almost summertime, we’ll also point out that they’re great dipped into an iced coffee.

Knowing their product is so delicious and good to the last shard, the Stroop Club wastes nothing and sells bags of the stroopwafel crumbs to incorporate into recipes at home. We’re thinking they’d be perfect on ice cream, as a cake topping, or maybe just to nosh by the handful.

Not purists, the Stroop Club is always concocting variations on this classic, so when appearing at farmer’s markets, they might be found crafting white chocolate matcha, peanut butter and jelly, or lemon zest. We’re not sure if these riffs on the iconic cookie were what was in mind 200 years ago (or centuries ago when Vikings were making precursors to the waffle), when the recipe is estimated to have been invented. Either way, they’re delicious.

The club aspect of the Stroop Club is that you can sign up for a membership to have home or office delivery in varying levels of Lover, Aficionado, and Addict. They’ll also ship to locations outside of the delivery area, so you can send them as gifts. Gluten-free and vegan stroopwafels are also available.

We love to shop locally and are constantly amazed by the broad range of specialty makers in the Austin area, so it’s lovely to be able to eat a freshly-made stroopwafel, “the most delicious Dutch caramel cookie brought to you from Holland, with love.”